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Chefs Feed


I had an opportunity to help build and influence the identity of a start-up app centered around a passion of mine = EATING. Unlike Yelp, ChefsFeed was a curated guide of the best restaurants and dishes based on Chef recommendations. It was where and what they would eat, if they weren’t eating their own food.

I worked on all branding and advertising elements including designing their 2.0 app, owned social channel posts and first fully functional website.


2014 Webby: Web (Guides / Ratings / Reviews)

App 2.0 Design

Website Design

Door Decals

We created “Chefs Eat Here” window decals to build brand awareness. The selected design was distributed to featured restaurants nationwide and I always felt a little bit of pride when I would see the sticker proudly displayed on a restaurant’s door. I’ve also included a few other design explorations I did.

Owned Social

We engaged our audience on different social channels to remind them to use the ChefsFeed app and also keep the brand top of mind. I designed five different category post templates that we could use throughout social from featuring new chefs or cities to highlighting top dishes and chef’s favorites.