Weight Watchers


Experiential, OOH, TV / Video


DiMassimo Goldstein


With all the competition from free apps, we needed to show people the benefits of a Weight Watchers (WW) membership. All of our spots featured real members.


Since working on the brand, membership grew from 2.4 million at the end of 2015 to 3.2 million through 2017.

Broadcast TV

Times Square

Broadcast TV

We took took a twist on a popular (and parodied) spot and let our members film themselves for a genuine, authentic spot.


Members were losing 15% more weight on WW’s Beyond the Scale program and what better way to celebrate their success than by throwing a party. We went beyond broadcast to organize Successfest, a night which included a special guest appearance by Ana Gasteyer, non-stop dancing and of course good food. Over 900 members RSVP’d for the event.


  • CCO: Tom Christmann
  • CD: Amy Su
  • ACD: Trevor Hickey
  • Sr. Art Director: Erica Grau
  • Director: Ramaa Mosley