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J. Walter Thompson


We were tasked with coming up with a promo video for Art Directors Club’s Portfolio Night. We came up with 27. The videos highlighted the futile email attempts junior creatives make trying to get noticed by the best in the biz. Portfolio Night is an opportunity to meet Creative Directors in person. We created one for each CD participating to share on their social channels and help promote the event.

We also created gifs and a surprise Mailer-Daemon bounce-back reply to anyone who actually attempts to email the address planted in the videos. Beyond conceptualizing the idea, I recorded and edited several examples of the videos to sell the idea through as well as put together the Instagram and LinkedIn gifs.


The event was sold out in 24 hours and more than 160 young creatives attended.


Editor’s Choice on Creativity, DesignTaxi, LBB

Social Videos

Social Video Gifs

Easter Egg

For the curious viewer who would actually email the addresses featured in the videos, we sent back a little easter egg reply.


  • ECD: Frederic Bonn
  • ACD: Amy Su
  • ACD: Emily Frankfurt