Affinity Federal Credit Union


Activation, Digital, OOH, Social Content, TV / Video


DiMassimo Goldstein


We had successfully shown what Affinity was not in Feeball but it was time to focus on what Affinity was—a not-for-profit, member owned credit union.

Our Community Connected campaign was a fully integrated, limited budget re-branding which included TV, radio, out-of-home, social, digital, landing page and design featuring ALL real members. For TV, we provided a guide for our members on how to record our script themselves and add their own personality and story. The result was an authentic, genuine, real account of what it means to Belong to Something Better.

TV / Social Video



To launch the new campaign internally, we constructed an installation Affinity employees could help create. The string symbolized their values and the negative space formed their tagline, Belong to Something Better.


  • CCO: Tom Christmann
  • CD: Amy Su, Emily Strand
  • ACD: Trevor Hickey
  • Sr. AD: Erica Grau
  • Design Director: Claudia Mark