Mazars USA


DiMassimo Goldstein


WeiserMazars, a tax, accounting and consulting firm, was changing its name to Mazars USA. The rebranding was an opportunity to bring awareness to their services on a whole, especially since Mazars’ was not as well known in the states. We developed both a brand awareness and thought leadership campaign that worked in tandem to generate leads.

Brand Awareness

Our campaign asked, “Who Is Mazars?” and leaned into the mystery surrounding this lesser known yet powerful firm. Thought provoking lines and visuals of people in the shadows drove prospective clients to a more in-depth landing page. Print ads ran in trade magazines in local markets.


Our static digital units saw a 50% higher CTR than the established benchmark for the category.

LANDING PAGE featured real Mazars USA employees as well as an easily navigatable database of Mazar’s thought leadership across industries.

We also knew that a relationship at this level was a big decision that took time, so we made sure capturing an email address to nurture the potential partnership, was front and center.

Thought Leadership

Our media buy started with an ad mix of 85% brand awareness and 15% thought leadership ads but overtime shifted to be primarily thought leadership. We establish Mazars as a leader in the category by highlighting their latest findings, and found visually interesting patterns of the topics researched.


  • CCO: Tom Christmann
  • Creative Director: Amy Su
  • ACD / Writer: Trevor Hickey
  • Sr. Art Director: Katheryn Renfroe